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Visual Attention; Visual Crowding; Sensory Perception; Process Tracing Techniques; Assortments and Variety; Information Processing in New Media Settings



Scekic, A., Atalay, A. S., Yang, C., Ebbes, P., “Target Search in Product Displays: A Visual Crowding Perspective”. Under review at Journal of Marketing Research


Scekic, A., Krishna, A., “Do Firm Cues Impact Product Perceptions?: When Small is Natural”. Revising for 3rd round at Journal of Consumer Psychology


Scekic, A., Atalay, A. S., Yang, C., Ebbes, P., “Influence of Visual Crowding and Product Spacing on Consumer Choice”. Four studies completed


Scekic, A., Yang, C., Ebbes, P., Atalay, A. S., “An eye-tracking Study of Online Consumer Reviews and Consumer Preferences: Does Review Text Matter?”. Data collection in progress


Scekic, A., Sokolova, T., Krishna, A., “Choose to Share or Not: The Impact of Privacy Formats on Willingness to Share Personal Information”. Four studies completed